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Post Frame Buildings

Post Frame Building

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We specialize in Post Frame Buildings and provide all aspects of a complete building.

This includes:

Building material
Post frame building interior finish work
Electrical points
Heating and Cooling

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Pole framing or post-frame construction is a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive traditional timber framing technique. It uses large poles or posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide the vertical structural support, along with girts to provide horizontal support

Post-frame buildings are sturdy and strong

Polebuildings use thick columns to create a rigid foundation that resists hail, snow, and storms. The overall structure relies on posts to transfer weight and mass efficiently. Unlike most other buildings that use the traditional stick-frame method, Pole buildings have higher wind resistance, and sturdier hinge joints.

Pole buildings are cost effective

Since pole buildings are supported by columns, they usually don’t require a basement. Often, the construction of a lower level can rack up costs. Because pole buildings have columns inserted 4 feet deep, you won’t have to build a basement as a foundation for the whole building.

Pole buildings can be built in any environment

ite conditions can vary from location to location. However, post-frame buildings can adapt to lateral pressure, which often overturns even the sturdiest walls. The secret lies in its multi-columned design, which allows the lateral force to spread out evenly across the structure, thereby resisting the constant shifting of the ground beneath.

Pole buildings provide large spaces for commercial use.

Businesses looking to create large warehouses can benefit from the spaciousness of post-frame buildings. A simple post-frame structure can transform into a multi-vehicle garage or a storage room for retail merchandise with just a few adjustments.

Pole buildings can be built quickly

Since pole buildings don’t require an underground foundation for support, you’ll enjoy extra flexibility, design choices, and shorter construction times.

Pole buildings can be built in different colors

There are color options and styles to suit your requirements

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