General Construction

We offer a variety of general construction services including:  build garages, decks, sidings and roofs to the same high standard as all our other services


Sidings, Roofs, Garages

General Services

J Kauffman builders offers a variety of general construction services. We primarily focus on garages and exterior house remodeling from the ground up. Whether for home or business, give us a call if you need a deck, siding, windows, or roof work completed.

Why work with J Kauffmann Builders?

J Kauffmann Builders offers additional services to the same high quality of all our work.

We are fully licensed and insured and always have the interests of our clients as a priority.

All our projects are:

  • Attractive to look at
  • Built to a high standard
  • Cost efficient
  • Faster construction
  • Have guarantees for peace of mind

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General Building Services


Here at J Kauffman Builders we offer a variety of roofing options to meet any style, need, or budget. The asphalt shingle is one of the most common roof types and we are able to match most existing colors/styles as needed. However, we often recommend going with a metal roof because of the look, durability, and energy saving benefits.

We specialize in traditional ag panel as well as low profile metal panels. Low profile panels have a similar design to Ag panels with the primary difference being the shorter ribs. This results in a more subtle looks that is an excellent option for home or office as the lower profile makes it look cleaner and doesn’t result in the “barn look” that some dislike. Both types are made of high quality metals and coatings that will last a long time and are resistant to fading over time. We have 26, 28, and 29 gauge panels available to meet whatever specification is necessary for the job.

Siding and windows

Siding and Windows

We offer a full range of siding and windows services. It’s amazing what an updated exterior can do to update the look of your home or office, and often these updates also improved energy efficiency. We are able to install custom windows with the latest improvements in technology to help seal your structure and help maintain a consistent temperature. With so much to know about the different types of panes, coatings, and gases built into different types of windows it is important to let our team of experts advise you on what is best for your needs. We will also take exact measurements to make sure you get the perfect fit everytime!

We also offer a complete siding service. Regardless of what color or style you are looking for we can take care of your project. We are adept at working with vinyl, LP Smartside, wood, shake, and metal siding types. There are so many options to choose from that we will be able to make the look you’ve been dreaming about a reality in no time. Our team of experts is always willing to discuss your options with you and recommend the best solution depending on your preference, existing architecture, and budget.

Garages and Sheds

If you are in need of a new garage then J Kauffman Builders is the ideal contractor for you. We are able to handle the entire process from design to build. We are able to accommodate any size and also can make both attached and unattached garage. We will design it to meet your specifications and can make it match any existing building if needed. We will manage the entire project and can even hire and coordinate the concrete, plumbing, and electrical from our list of vetted and approved contractors so you don’t have to worry about the headache of finding and scheduling them yourself. If you are in need of a larger shed or storage building, check out our pole shed page to learn more.


We love building decks here at J Kauffman Builders. A deck is the perfect place to spend some quality family time while enjoying a beautiful summer evening outside. We are experienced with both wood and composite decking materials so we can make sure that you get the exact look that you’ve been dreaming of. If you need large or small, tall or short, complex or simple; we can design and build to your exact specification. Let us get started on your dream outdoor living space today!

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