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Pole Shed Construction

All aspects of pole construction

Pole framing or post-frame construction is a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive traditional timber framing technique. It uses large poles or posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide the vertical structural support, along with girts to provide horizontal support.

Its clean design uses fewer materials while adding a hefty amount of durability.

These buildings use thick columns to create a rigid foundation that resists hail, snow, and storms. The overall structure relies on posts to transfer weight and mass efficiently. Unlike most other buildings that use the traditional stick-frame method, post-frames have higher wind resistance, and sturdier hinge joints. Post-frame garages and agricultural buildings have a degree of protection that ensures the safety of vehicles, farm animals, harvested crops, and other produce.

Why a Pole Shed?

Pole barns may be cheaper, though the average steel frame barn is listed at prices 60% less than traditional construction. A steel frame barn also saves you energy costs, insurance costs (steel frame barns usually cost 40% less than pole barns) and may come with a generous warranty, lasting a few decades.

  • Eco Friendly
  • Cost efficient
  • Faster construction
  • Cover large area

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